If you want to keep your skin healthy, radiant and smooth, try out our facial Masks & Peelings. Masks and Peelings  are simply must-have products for your skin care routine because they both cleanse and nourish the skin intensively. Our Peeling products gently removes dead cells, dirt and makeup and thoroughly cleanse the pores of the skin.

Masks products will help to nourish the skin thoroughly and close the pores of the skin, to achieve that smooth glow to the skin. Therefore Facial Masks & Peelings go together. If you are using our exfoliating products and masks for the first time, we recommend you try the Black Magnet Mask with Mud for thorough cleansing and nourishment. Also, use our black exfoliating mask, which is a boost of vitamins, cucumber extracts, vitamin E and nutrients for immediate impact.

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