Our series of Facial Serums is our source of pride, mainly because they contain immense benefits of the vitamins and minerals of the Dead Sea.

Did you know? A good serum has 3 functions: first, it must ensure optimal absorption of the face cream. Second, it must enrich the skin with minerals and vitamins and thirdly, the serum also functions as the basis for makeup. Therefore, a proper facial care routine includes applying a serum, followed by a face cream and then the make-up.

Therefore, we made sure that our series of serums included all the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals. Our Facial Serums do not stop there and include firming, nourishing and lifting effect, which encourage the skin to create collagen.

We recommend that you choose a silk serum for firming effect before applying make-up, or Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum for nourishment and moisture. It is also recommended to use nourishing oil at night. Finally, our Facial Serums brings you all the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals for daily care. Using the serum consistently will ensure a healthy smooth, and even-toned skin.

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