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Moisture Rich Shower Cream Orchid


780ml / 26.37 Fl.oz

Environmental conditions and sun radiation cause skin dehydration which is very damaging to the skin. This shower cream was created especially to avoid and treat these harmful effects. It is enriched with a complex of ingredients such as Shea Butter to improve skin elasticity, Olive oil and Honey to soften and increase skin firmness, Obliphicha (Sea Buckthorn) oil for nourishment and improving skin texture, combined with Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and Argan oil. Enriched with aromatic oils to help soothe the skin while bathing. Daily use of this shower cream will cleanse the skin thoroughly, soften it and contribute to its rejuvenation. Suitable for the entire family.

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Instructions for use: Pour a generous portion into the hand or onto a sponge, lather with a massaging motion on wet skin and rinse thoroughly. To use as a bathing foam, pour carefully into the bath and fill with warm water. To complete treatment, it is recommended to apply H&B body cream.


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