Moisturizing & Relaxing Facial Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

100ml / 3.4 fl.oz 

Facial skin becomes dry as a result of heat, cold, low humidity, air-conditioned areas, weather and environmental conditions. Intensive moisturizing is the treatment to correct damages, prevent wrinkles and return skin elasticity, glow and vitality.
This Moisturizing & Relaxing Facial Mask nourishes and provides intensive treatment to face and neck skin. The mask is enriched with Coconut oil known as Anti-oxidant and optimal moisture balancing qualities, hyaluronic acid for increased moisture, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile for relaxation, Green Tea, Vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals. Regular use will promote immediate effect of moisturized, supple, relaxed, calm, elastic, smooth and radiant looking skin.

For all skin types.


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Instructions of use: Once or twice a week to clean face, preferably after exfoliating, apply a thick layer of the mask, wait 5-10 minutes and remove with a lukewarm water wet sponge or tissue. To complete the treatment, apply moisturizing cream from H & B series.