Pso skin Relief Cream

200ml / 6.76FL.oz

This Pso skin Relief Cream is a unique, natural and fast absorbing cream enriched with herbal extracts aiming to calm the skin and relieve numerous skin problems such as irritation and itching, rash, extreme dryness followed by cracks, scales and redness. The cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, sea-weed extract, soothing Green Tea extract and regenerating Avocado oil, contains softening Olive oil for irritation relief and skin flaking prevention, enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants, Shea butter for skin cells renewal, Aloe Vera extract for a balanced moisture, Ginseng, Patchouli oil, Chamomile and vitamins C + E.

Does not contain steroids or tar-derivatives products. The special combination of rich ingredients moisturizes and soothes the skin, significantly improves its texture.

Pso skin Relief Cream - 200ml / 6.76FL.OZ


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Instructions for use: Clean the affected areas and apply twice a day, morning and evening. The improvement can be seen after a few times of usage, and the skin becomes nourished and relaxed.